Bird Watching in the San Luis Valley

The San Luis Valley is a bird watching paradise! Pack your binoculars and camera and come see for yourself. Don’t miss our annual visit from the sandhill cranes, who arrive in late February and stay until late March or early April. It’s such a spectacular event, it warrants its own celebration: the Monte Vista Crane Festival.

More Information

San Luis Valley National Wildlife Refuge Complex
The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service oversees the Complex, which includes the Alamosa, Monte Vista, and Baca Refuges. See the Wildlife List for the Refuges, a description of San Luis Valley habitats, and learn more from the Friends of the San Luis Valley National Wildlife Refuges.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Colorado Birding Trail.
This gorgeous website offers birding basics and information on 40 trails with more than 800 sites where you can view Colorado wildlife. Check out the interactive map.

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Live Alamosa. Bird Watching and Wildlife Viewing.

San Luis Valley Heritage: Monte Vista Crane Festival

~Excellent photo of a sandhill crane in the San Luis Valley courtesy of Martin Macaulay.

sandhill crane, photo courtesy of Martin C. Macaulay