Crestone Spiritual Centers

Crestone may be best known for its many spiritual centers representing traditions from around the world. Why is Crestone home to so many spiritual centers and wisdom traditions? Learn more about the Manitou Institute and Foundation.

Dharma Ocean Foundation
Dharma Sangha Crestone Mountain Zen Center
Haidakhandi Universal Ahsram and Maha Lakshmi Shop
Karma Thegsum Tashi Gomang
Mangala Shri Bhuti
The Pundarika Foundation
Sacred Land Sanctuary
Sri Aurobindo Learning Center
Shumei International Institute in Crestone Center
The Singing Stone
The Spiritual Life Institute
Yeshe Khorlo USA – Choying Dzong in Crestone

More Information: Crestone Spiritual Centers in the News

Chicago Tribune. (November 28, 1991). Colorado, Land Of Natural Highs, May Have A Mystical One, Too
This article is a bit dated but still interesting.

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Crestone is home to the Jangchub Chorten Stupa and the Tashi Gomang Stupa.

Denver’s 9 News: The Story behind the Crestone Buddhist Temple’s Roof and The Spiritual Center of Colorado?

Los Angeles Times. (June 19, 2011). Eccentrics, Dreamers, and Seekers Flock to Crestone, Colorado
Another national publication sends a reporter to Crestone.

Manitou Foundation. America’s Spiritual Centre: Crestone, Colorado
Hanne Strong explains Crestone’s energy and why so many spiritual centers are located here.

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Some of the places described in this article no longer exist, but the author does a nice job capturing aspects of life in Crestone.

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A short but sweet article.

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